callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Christmas Books the second, third and fourth

Book the second: so bad I won’t even name it.

Book the third: The Box of Delights. I re-read this after occupying a couple of dull evenings by watching the 1984 television series, with Patrick Troughton as Cole Hawlings. I wrote something about it a few years ago here and have nothing to add except that it remains a magical Christmas classic.

Book the fourth: A Christmas Cracker, Trisha Ashley. The latest book from a favourite author and one I was really looking forward to reading. Sadly, I was disappointed this time; it seemed formulaic. The best character by far is a cat called Pye, short for Pyewacket. It’s almost worth reading just for him.

Not much luck so far but book the fifth is turning out to be much better than I expected. More later.

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