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July 2019



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Christmas Books the second, third and fourth

Book the second: so bad I won’t even name it.

Book the third: The Box of Delights. I re-read this after occupying a couple of dull evenings by watching the 1984 television series, with Patrick Troughton as Cole Hawlings. I wrote something about it a few years ago here and have nothing to add except that it remains a magical Christmas classic.

Book the fourth: A Christmas Cracker, Trisha Ashley. The latest book from a favourite author and one I was really looking forward to reading. Sadly, I was disappointed this time; it seemed formulaic. The best character by far is a cat called Pye, short for Pyewacket. It’s almost worth reading just for him.

Not much luck so far but book the fifth is turning out to be much better than I expected. More later.


I want to know about the terrible book the second. My current Christmas read is Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer - I do like a festive country house murder.
All right. It was called Christmas in Vermont, which sounded nice. It was the biggest load of sentimental, button pressing, PC tosh I've ever read. And clunkily written. I told the publishers I couldn't review it because they wouldn't thank me.

You're the second person to mention reading Envious Casca for Christmas. Why did I get rid of my copy?
It's been rereleased with a twee Christmas name, which confused me in the bookshop!

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How very silly and annoying. Tsk!
I almost bought the re released version before I realised it was Envious Casca rebranded so I dug out my old copy. I am enjoying it but the print is tiny.
Is Pyewacket a Burmese/Siamese? The one in Bell, Book and Candle is. (I haven't seen either the play or the film, but I'd like to, just for the cat.)
I don't think so. He's huge and has odd coloured eyes which disconcert people. He hates nearly everybody but is discriminating and knows who to scratch and when. He's extremely vocal. I love him!

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Yes, the Siamese cat in the film Bell, Book & Candle (which starred Kim Novak and James Stewart if my memory serves me correctly) was called Pyewacket. Saw the film and enjoyed it then, but that was in the 1960s - what I'd think of it now remains to be seen.
Margaret P

Re: Pyewacket

For no reason I can see, I always confuse that film with Arsenic and Old Lace.

If a film is old, in black and white and stars James Stewart or Cary Grant (or even both together!) I can be pretty sure of liking it.