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May 2019



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My reading statistics 2015

This year I have to add a new category: iPad. One of the publishers sends out books in file formats I can’t cope with but now that there’s an e-books option, nothing could be simpler than to download them as iBooks. It’s surprisingly pleasant to read them on the iPad. Here’s the list:
Dead tree: 55
Kindle: 55
Library: 24
iPad: 2

Total 136
This doesn’t seem many but I’ve probably had some re-reads unlisted. I notice that I used the library more at the beginning of the year and resolve, yet again, to use it more next year. With so many libraries closing down, it really is a case of use it or lose it.

I can’t pick a book of the year or even a top ten so here’s a few books I’ve admired in 2015 with links to where I wrote about them. They weren’t all published in 2015.

Funny Girl, Nick Hornby
Romantic Moderns: English Writers, Artists and the Imagination from Virginia Woolf to John Piper , Alexandra Harris
Expo 58, Jonathan Coe
The Museum of Things Left Behind , Seni Glaister
Crooked Heart , Lissa Evans
Sweet Tooth , Ian McEwan
The Quality of Silence , Rosamund Lupton

I’ve enjoyed several books by reliable Trisha Ashley, Simon Brett and Elizabeth Edmondson; also the British Library Crime Classics and the Dean Street Press reprints of crime writing from the golden age.


I'm so glad! I must add that one to my list. It's confusing that she's written under at least two and possibly three names.
Ah, thank you! I'd forgotten about Expo 58 and it's definitely one of my Books of the Year.
I loved it, thanks for the loan!
Happy New Year to you, B, and thank you for your wonderful reviews. I have found some lovely books through you :) x
The same to you and thanks for the kind comments.
I love it when people like my recommendations!