callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Christmas book the eighth and last: A Winterfold Christmas, Harriet Evans

This very brief novella is a spin-off from the Winterfold story told in A Place for Us. Rip-off would be a better description, as the ‘book’ is about two chapters long and much of that is padded out with recipes and carols. If you’ve got interested in the Winters, of course you’ll want to read it.

There’s a cunning plan here as the Winterfold story is followed by chapters from the author’s forthcoming novel The Butterfly Summer. This is a very tempting taster. The cover is an oddity. I checked out the US and UK covers (the latter is shown above) but on NetGalley a completely different and much more attractive cover is shown. I was annoyed to find I could have read it from NetGalley instead of buying it, cheapskate that I am.
Tags: christmas books, harriet evans

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