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Heads up, I nearly missed a Flavia story!

Whilst browsing for something completely different, I found that a new story about Flavia de Luce had been published in December. The Curious Case of the Copper Corpse is a retrospective short story in which Flavia investigates a death at Greyminster school. This quote gives a flavour of why I love Flavia:
I was peering through the microscope at the tooth of an adder I had captured behind the coach house that very morning after church, when there came a light knock at the laboratory door.
She’s eleven! And here she is at the school:
I realized that I needed to take it easy on this boy. He was, after all, not much older than me. “Where’s the corpse?” I asked.

Unfortunately it really is a short story, which you can read very quickly indeed. Just saying, before you go rushing off to Amazon to spend 99p on it. I think I’ve read all the Flavia books now. Keen-eyed readers will notice a strong similarity between the Copper Corpse and Dorothy L Sayers’ short story The Abominable History of the Man with the Copper Fingers. You can read the whole thing online here.
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