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July 2019



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RIP David Bowie

Not the news you want to wake up to. I was at the Rainbow concert. Have I mentioned that before? :-)


> Elton John declared it "too camp"

I read that this morning! It was amazing.
It's very sad news. I confess I was never a fan of his music but I admired the man and his many talents. He was an inspiration for so many young artists. Amazing that he has just released his final album Blackstar days before his death.
You surprise me!

It is sad, although I'm not overcome by it as some people seem to be. Another icon gone.
You surprise me!

What? That I didn't care for his music?

I'm usually sad when someone who was a big presence in my lifetime passes away but like you I'm not overcome by it but rather surprised.
Yes! I assumed everyone did:-) Ridiculous, really as I can't bear heavy metal, amongst other genres. Life would be duller if we all liked the same things.
I have quite an eclectic taste in music but I never took to his style at all. Sometimes I like one record of an artist when I dislike them in general. Heavy metal I'm not into but there are the odd tracks I do like. I love rock and classical and many alternative bands, solo artists and some pop. That's the thing about music, we have our favourites but it's all subjective and it's often what touches the heart and soul rather than a particular genre.

David Bowie

I had already woken up feeling a little Blue Monday, so it made me sadder to read about Bowie. I didn't like all his music, but he was so talented. My nephew-in-law worked with him twice on shoots in NYC and said he was very polite and gracious, a gentleman.

Re: David Bowie

He was a one off and (useless information) grew up quite near to where I did.

Glad to know he was nice to work with and not a diva or whatever the male equivalent is.
I heard a lot of Bowie mentions and music on French radiostation FIP today. I assumed it had to do with his new album, but then decided to check. :-(

If I had to name one music icon of the past 50 years I would say Bowie.
Same here. Woke up, switched on Radio 4's Today programme, which is mostly about politics and they were playing Bowie. I feared the worst immediately.
The coverage is getting near to overkill now IMO.

A music icon, certainly. Nowhere near Dylan but you must know by now what a fan I am of Bob.:-)
I am well aware of your feelings for His Bobness. :-)
I think my parents may have been there too; they saw Roxy Music a few times in the early 70s (the only one I can remember for sure was with King Crimson).
Wow! We drove up from Littlehampton for the gig.

Of course in those days we never bothered buying any merchandise because we thought it was all a rip-off. Think what I could get now for our tickets!

Claim to fame: Robert Fripp once came to a party at our house.
A sad day
Indeed. I've been surprised by the blanket coverage, though.


I've felt a kind of dull sadness since I heard the news. Loved his music. I'm glad the media have given him his due. Nicola@vintagereads
Depressing, isn't it? A big Bowie-shaped hole in the world.