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May 2019



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Winter cheer

As grey January (following grey December and grey November) merges into grey February, I really need to see flowers. I splashed out on a bouquet from Waitrose:

picked these from the garden for nothing.

I’m mean about picking garden flowers as I like to see them where they’re growing.
I have cheap daffs as well; they’re a pound a bunch in the shops now. I see that a few are flowering already in my neighbours’ garden.
Which would you choose?


They are all so pretty. I love spring flowers. Those Anenomes are stunning an yet I love snowdrops too.
Yes, I think spring flowers are special because there are fewer of them.
Oh, they are beautiful. I have a £10 Waitrose gift voucher, maybe I should go and buy flowers! February has started well here as it's sunny although very windy.
Go on, spoil yourself! It seems a waste of a gift voucher to spend it on frozen peas.


I love the tiny snowdrops. When I had a garden, I'd pick some of the little flowers (snowdrops, grape hyacinth, species tulips) and put them individually in little glass vintage medicine bottles. They're each a work of art, aren't they?

Re: Flowers

That's definitely the best way to look closely at tiny flowers! I don't want to be on my knees in a bitter wind in order to appreciate the beauty of snowdrops.
It's really cheering!
So pretty!
A lot of pleasure for the outlay!
The waitrose bouquet is like a Dutch still life. And the snowdrops are pretty. But I would probably plump for a quidsworth of daffs myself because they always cheer me up.
a quidsworth of daffs

You can't beat 'em. Some are flowering on a verge up the road but my garden ones won't be out for a while.