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March 2019



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My Blue Heaven

Eat your hearts out, expensive London florists. These gorgeous hyacinths were being sold at the market at the weekend: three bunches for £5.00. A few stems in this jug, more elsewhere and a friend took another bunch back to London with her. The smell is just heavenly. The flowers really are blue, not mauve-ish as they look here.

I’ve seen cut amaryllis stems before, but not hyacinths. I imagine they’re specially grown for the cut flower trade, probably in the Netherlands. How do they get those long, straight stems? Such horticultural skill.


They are stunning. I love hyacinths.
Aren't they lovely? And such good value as they should last a while. Wish I could send you some while you're laid up.
Gorgeous. Don't they look lovely in a jug? I noticed the other day that one is pushing through in a pot on the patio. The severe frost might have put paid to the various seedlings I have though...
I looked at various vases but thought the jug was best. Glad you agree!

I always mean to plant up some pots of hyacinths but it's cheaper to buy the pots ready made up! Hope your seedlings survive; big frost here this morning, too.
I am so sorry; I found your birthday card, unsent, this morning.

I will try to send a random card sometime this Spring!

Belated very Happy Birthday xx
No worries! Thank you for the birthday wishes, I had a nice weekend.
Beautiful Barbara!
The smell has started to fill the whole house. Who needs air fresheners? It's very cheering just to look at them.
Heavenly blue! I have several jugs. That's one I've had for donkey's years, everything looks good in it and it suits a cottage.
I can almost smell them :-) you are right about the cost but potting hyacinth bulbs always makes me feel like the Provincial Lady.
Ha ha, yes. I don't expect you have a Lady B coming round to tell you how you should be doing it.
Oh, those are wonderful. I love blue hyacinths so much. I have had a bowl of white ones in the house for the past several weeks - white rather than blue because they were forcing bulbs but on special offer - and the smell is so wonderful. Am really looking forward to the pots in the garden where I have some blue ones coming through.
Ooh, I love white ones, too, with a hint of green in them. Not pink, though. No one seems to have bred a pink hyacinth which is just the right shade to please me.
I agree, the pink ones always look a bit sickly, somehow.
I like their smell very much.
It's one of the best.

These are beautiful! I love the smell of hyacinths.

They're still going strong and scenting the whole house.