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May 2019



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At the Market

I haven’t done one of these jolly posts for ages. It was bitterly cold at the market early this morning but busy. I bought the daffs, which will soon be out, some beautiful rhubarb and other veg plus a few bargains.

I like to buy old photos and cards when I can, to use the images for card making. Some sellers ask much more than I’m prepared to pay but today I was lucky. There’s quite a big bundle of these family photos. Several of them show the two girls (sisters?) dressed up for acting. I love the lady looking as if she’s about to give a piano recital. There’s also a charming pic of a young boy sitting at a piano, obviously just starting. What an artistic family!

Such pretty cards and lots of them. One may be by Mabel Lucie Attwell but isn’t signed. These are also rather touching. Each is inscribed to the same person, called Mabel. Every birthday and Christmas she received a card with a long message similar to this one:
Wishing My Darling May a very Happy Christmas with the Best of Good Luck, with all my Love, From your loving Sweetheart, Vic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX
Gulp. They bring a tear to my eye. There’s even one ‘from your dear old Dad’. It seems rather sad that these cards and photos should end up in the hands of a stranger but at least they are appreciated.

My book photo failed and I’m too lazy to take another. I bought three for a pound and at that price I don’t mind reading them and giving them away again. I’m getting rather tired of reading books on the Kindle which I then have to review, so I picked an enormously long book by R F Delderfield: Give Us This Day. Anyone know it? I also broke a vow and bought a couple of very cheap Hunkydory card kits. Christmas ones. Madness, as I have enough Christmas stuff to make cards for years. I may make one today, as it's so dark and miserable.

Quite a successful hour’s shopping!



I also broke a vow

I would have broken that vow as well. What a lot of stuff you can get in just an hour :-) I hope your daffs smell as nice as the ones I bought in Lidl last week, wonderful value for money and they cheer the place up no end.
I now have to assemble either a long-eared rabbit or a hare lol
Wee sister

Re: I also broke a vow

Ha ha! These market daffodils are much nicer than the ones I bought in Waitrose which were dead before they opened! Cheaper, too.

Good luck with the hare/rabbit.
Those daffs are so pretty.

The photos really tug at the imagination too.
They're so cheerful!

I love the photos and am weaving stories around them.