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January 2019



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Storm Katie

Oh my goodness, the damage that storm has done in the night! Astonishing things here. Hope everyone is safe and still has a roof over their heads.


My potted Acer tree blew over breaking the pot and I foolishly didn't take the feeders off the bird feeding station as that went over, even with a cast iron base, and there's seed everywhere. There also looks to be a few lifted roof tiles on the adjacent building. No idea what damage there is out in the town. Hope all is well with you.
Oh, my main inconvenience was waking in the night, thanks. This morning though, I found things blown round the corner of the house and right across the road! I had to go on a treasure hunt. Also, part of my neighbour's fence blew over into my drive. Luckily she has a son staying with her and he moved the broken panels out of the way. It's supposed to quieten down this afternoon, so fingers crossed.
Oh, goodness, that was a big one. I am hoping that you suffered no major damage. The weather patterns this winter/early spring seem to be crazy worldwide.
We got off lightly compared with some places; no power cut, for instance. I'm so grateful for that!
It's true we do seem to be getting more of this wild weather than in the past.
It's been a bad Easter break for holiday makers, gardeners and garden centres.
I'm glad you weren't affected any more than that.

Here we are used to the wind, but the rain was something else! Like stepping in a super-powered shower.

Glad to be home now after a very windy drive to Mum and Dad's and back!
Thank you!

Glad I didn't have to be on the road at the weekend.