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May 2019



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April books

Love for Lydia , H E Bates
The Photographer’s Wife, Suzanne Joinson, review soon
The Lubetkin Legacy, Marina Lewycka, review soon
The Wicked Boy, Kate Summerscale, review soon
The Frozen Lake, Elizabeth Edmondson
John and Mary Detectives, Grace James
The Adventures of John and Mary, Grace James
John and Mary and Lisetta, Grace James
John and Mary’s Youth Club, Grace James
John and Mary at Riverton, Grace James
Silence in Court , Patricia Wentworth
Walk with Care , Patricia Wentworth

It’s a big week for newly published books and I’ll post reviews of the first three books on the list over the next few days. The Frozen Lake I absolutely loved. In fact I missed a whole evening of fave TV programmes (the only evening, I should say), because I couldn’t stop reading it. Couldn’t put it down!

I was rather tired of reading new books for review and also rather low, so I hid away in the comforting world of Smockfarthing. I will never understand why Grace James’ charming, funny books are not more widely known. I know about three people who love John and Mary as much as I do, which is not many for a series of twenty lovely books.


Is it John and Mary who ate the laburnum? I loved them!
Yes! It's in the very first book. I'm so glad you like J & M.
I've got The Frozen Lake and The Villa In Italy on my kindle :) I'll be reading the Italy one first after I've finished the current book.

Sorry you felt a bit low. I expect your grotty weather doesn't help *Hugs*
Lucky me, I still have quite a few to read. I'll be surprised if you don't enjoy those.

Thank you!