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June 2019



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The Patricia Wentworth fest continues

News from Dean Street Press that they’re bringing out the last thirteen Patricia Wentworth books. They’ve been kind enough to send me Weekend with Death, which I’m really looking forward to reading.

Even more exciting news about the enterprising Dean Street people. They are going to publish Furrowed Middlebrow Books. If you follow the blog, you’ll know already that Scott’s literary passion is for books written by women authors and published in the early twentieth century. Unfortunately, many of these are hard to find so reissues will be very welcome. Scott is naturally wildly excited about the project and you can read more about it here.

I can’t wait!


Awww, glad you are excited by the prospect of the books. We could all do with something exciting at the moment to detract from the horror of the EU referendum. Enjoy the books!
Thank you!

Ugh, the referendum. Just got more leaflets in the post: straight into the recycling bag!

Ugh, the weather. Nothing but grey skies.

Books keep me sane. And music.


With all the old crime books being reprinted I'm getting worried that I won't have time to read all my modern favourite authors.......so many books so little time!

Re: Reprints

Indeed! And what about the old favourites you want to read again? I do, anyway. I know people who never re-read.
Isn't it great?
Me too x
Scott's enthusiasm is catching :-)
I sometimes debate with myself whether I would rather never read anything new or never re-read and it would be a very tricky choice. Fortunately I am unlikely to have to choose for real.
Time is always against you, that's the problem. I can't bear to think of never reading favourites again.
I am thrilled on both counts and feel the more comfort reads the better right now!
Indeed! I've nearly finished Weekend with Death and it's terrific. Too scary to be comforting, though.

Many happy returns for tomorrow! Sorry I missed the date for sending a card.
Thanks so much Barbara! Please don't worry: I'm so useless at getting stuff in the post myself! Being spoilt rotten by Miranda already - may the birthday weekend continue! xxx