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Adrian Mole again

Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Sue Townsend combines anger with humour in her account of modern life as chronicled yet again by the hapless diarist. I read it very quickly and laughed all the way through, except for the part which made me cry. The reason I am writing about the book here is that it contains the most wonderful book fantasy. Moley is now, rather improbably, working for a second hand book dealer. He goes with his cultured employer to value some books:

Every visible wall was lined with books. Books were stacked on the floor, on furniture, on chairs, on the kitchen table and next to the draining board. The stairs were a rat run of books. They were in the bath and filled every bedroom.
Lawrence Mortimer said, ‘As you can tell, my mother went doolally years ago. Me and my wife tried to get her certified in 1999, but her doctor said collecting books wasn’t a reason for having her put away.’…I could hardly breathe for excitement; one of the bedrooms I wandered into was filled entirely with children’s books in plastic covers. 

Mortimer pays them £50.00 to take the books away. 

I love Sue Townsend. She manages a sustained rant against what’s wrong with life yet still convinces the reader it is worth living.
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