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May 2019



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life on mars

TV watch: National Treasure

I see the critics have been raving about this new series starring Robbie Coltrane as an ageing, much loved comedian who is accused of rape. I was less impressed. I found it slow (four episodes!) and the music and shots clichéd. What will keep people watching is the big question: did he do it? Because this is no easy, ‘he’s obviously innocent, how will he prove it' story. The more I think about Robbie Coltrane’s performance, the more brilliant it seems. He’s like a giant façade of a man, who reminded me of Archie Rice in The Entertainer: ‘I’m dead behind these eyes.’ After an hour on screen, we still know almost nothing about this man. And there’s enough unsavoury history behind him (his wife must stay with him because she’s a Catholic) to make it just possible that he is guilty.
So it will be interesting to see whether or not we should sympathise with a character who is not very attractive.


I have it recorded, mostly because of the great cast but I wasn't sure about the subject matter given that there's so much of it in the media and I sigh every time someone else famous gets accused.
As one Private Eye story had it: 'Everyone from the seventies to be arrested!'

No one should get away with serious crimes but the police have gone over the top. In this drama as in real life, they snitch to the press before there's been any charge, let alone a guilty verdict.
I thought it looked worth a watch given the cast but not sure if it's my thing. Will probably give it a try.
I'm not sure I will be watching the rest. It's trying too hard to be Serious Drama in capitals.
We watched last night. I think two episodes would have done it, frankly. The daughter was so appallingly badly written and acted that I think if Ross hadn't been keen to continue I would have given up then and there. And Julie Walters' Scottish accent doesn't quite work. I'm not particularly impressed.
I agree that the whole thing could have been wrapped up in two episodes. As for that scene with the daughter, I felt it could have been cut completely with no loss. What was the point of it?
I think it was supposed to be edgy. It came across like a piece of particularly badly done theatre acting from a dodgy play. But I find that being able to watch without being aware of the writing is my benchmark for good drama, and I was painfully aware of it there.

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