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May 2019



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It's frosty, man!

Colder than ever this morning and a suitable start to December: sunrise at about 8 o'clock this morning. As if that weren't enough, Ive just heard the first radio airing this season of Slade's Merry Christmas.

Edit. Bizarre thing. The field beyond my hedge is *really* frosty. Yet a tractor is buzzing about cutting the long grass. Huh?


Lovely view you have :) I do like these frosty clear mornings. Glad for central heating, though. I remember as a kid that 'Jack Frost' was thick on the inside of my bedroom window :)
I know I'm lucky.

I remember that, too. Also, reading in The Snow Queen how the children heated pennies and made circles in the frost, and copying them.

The tractor driver has gone mad and seems to be trying to knock down the fence at the top of the garden. It's so odd. They usually cut the meadow grass in August. Hope there's nothing sinister in it. We live in fear that the owner will sell the land for housing.
Fingers crossed there's a simple reason for the meadow being cut. Does your village have an expansion plan? Ely is growing slowly and like a lot of small towns the expansion is on the very outskirts. There is always vigorous opposition to the green belt between villages being eroded.
Green belt? Hah! Half a mile down the road they are planning to build *600* new homes, on green belt land and on a flood plain. To make matters worse, fewer than half the members of the planning committee turned up for the meeting on the final decision! Plus, the original plan for a percentage of 'affordable housing' was reduced by the developers yet the **!!!%% council still gave them the job. Call me Mrs Angry.
Six hundred is no small number for a small place. Outrageous that so many of the planning committee didn't turn up, makes you think that any decision was a already decided. Bad that the number of affordable housing was reduced again. How are local youngsters suppose to get on the housing ladder in the place they were born and raised? I understand very well why you are angry as I would be as well.