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May 2019



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Yay! (TV Watch)

Yay for Val McDermid, the star of this year’s Christmas University Challenge. Wasn’t she great? I really must read her books.

Rather less Yay for To Walk Alone, the programme about the Brontës which I was looking forward to. I thought two hours rather long and only lasted one. Shot in the dark and inaudible apart from Jonathan Pryce, who is a real Actor. I never have liked Charlotte Brontë but if I’d previously had a favourable view, this programme would have changed it. OK, her life wasn’t a bundle of laughs but that grim face (plus the fact that I couldn’t understand a word she said)! Didn’t they ever smile?


Val McDermid was good wasn't she. I've never read anything of hers but maybe I should as crime thrillers are right up my street and I was a huge fan of the TV series Wire in the Blood, which was based on her books.

I actually enjoyed the Brontës. I don't think anyone would have smiled much in that bleak draughty house with an alcoholic brother, almost blind father, mother dead from cancer and misogyny rife in the publishing world. I did think it probably was a faithful portrayal of their personalities, their lives all tragically cut short by TB. Their father apparently lived to the grand old age of 84 and must have been incredibly sad in his final years. Oh well, not all programmes can please us all.

Are you watching The Man in the High Castle? This is a better season than the first in my opinion. I have one more episode to watch and I am hanging on until later as I want to savour the moment and don't want it to end.
I've a feeling Val McDermid's novels are too strong meat for me, which is why I haven't read them.

Yes, I'm on the second series of The Man in the High Castle. I love the ambivalence of it all and am fascinated by Rufus Sewell's character.
Val's best book, IMO, is A Place of Execution, partly set in 1963. Her books are very dark and often grisly, but this one was particularly clever, I thought. If you only read one, make it that one.
Good plan, thank you!