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July 2019



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life on mars

TV/Film watch: Winter in Wartime

A while ago I enthused here about the book Winter in Wartime by Jan Terlouw. Yesterday evening I watched the film, which was very different. It’s a Dutch language film with few subtitles but easy to follow. The filming is very beautiful; hard to forget the image of Michiel pedalling his bike furiously through the snowy landscape. I suppose it’s inevitable that films should be made more exciting than books, so far worse things happen in the film and there are a couple of harrowing scenes. It’s a short film (always a plus with me) and well worth watching, although I found the book more atmospheric.


I love foreign language films, they are often full of atmosphere and wonderful cinematography. I have this film on Netflix so plan to watch it this afternoon. Thanks for the heads-up.
Me too.

When I selected the film from my watchlist I was offered the choice of watching it with Prime or Netflix. What a pity one has The Man in the High Castle and the other The Crown!
It was a smashing little film. Gloomy setting yet probably close to the reality of many.
Lovely performance by Martijn Lakemeier. I feel lucky having access to Amazon Prime (subscription) and Netflix (through the boys' account).
So glad you liked it. I much prefer that sort of film to a blockbuster.
I must confess I have never read the book! But I suppose the film will be on my Netflix too.
I realise now that they must have reissued the book to coincide with the film. It's good!