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October 2019



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The Woman who Walked in Sunshine, Alexander McCall Smith

Mma Ramotswe, founder and owner of The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency in Gabarone, Botswana, sat in her office, a steaming cup of redbush tea in front of her. Her former secretary and now colleague, Mma Makutsi, was busy at her own desk. ‘Mma,’ said Mma Ramotswe. ‘I have some news.’
‘You have some news, Mma? What is this news? I hope it is good news.’
‘It is about Mr Alexander McCall Smith. He has written another book about us. It is the sixteenth book.’
‘Ow!’ said Mma Makutsi. ‘Sixteen books! That is a lot of books, Mma. I think Mr Alexander McCall Smith is a very clever man. It is very clever to write sixteen books about the same people.’
‘Yes. Mr Alexander McCall Smith is a very clever man. He writes many other books as well.’

Mma Ramotswe reflected for a while on how it all began. After her beloved daddy Obed Ramotswe, that great judge of cattle, had become late, she had been very sad. But she had bought her house on Zebra Drive and started her own business. Later she had married that good and kind man, Mr J L B Matekoni, proprietor of Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors. There had been many cases since that time. She sighed. Those were exciting days. But now?
‘I have been thinking, Mma,’ she said.
‘Yes? What have you been thinking, Mma Ramotswe? Have you been thinking about the sixteen books?’
‘I have been thinking that there is nothing more to say. That is what I am thinking.’
‘What are you saying, Mma? Are you saying there is nothing more to say about us?’
‘Yes, that is what I am saying. That there is nothing more to say.’
‘I think you are right, Mma. Sometimes there is nothing more to say about a thing. That is well known.’

Mma Ramotswe drank her tea. Outside, the sun beat down. Soon there would be rain. The grass would grow and the cattle would feed. Life would go on.

Thousands of miles away, callmemadam was reading the book the ladies had been discussing. ‘I think it is time for this series to end,’ she thought. ‘That is what I think.’

I read this book courtesy of NetGalley.




Wee sister
Thank you!
Oh, I thought this was great! Very funny.
Thank you! Sadly true.
Thank you for making me smile after a frazzled morning trying to move money around for the upcoming house purchase!
I'm with you in a way as when I read this a few months ago I thought they were starting to get very repetitive. But the little glimpse of sunshine for Botswana does cheer up a winter day in England. So I hope he keeps on writing
I'm sorry your move is such a hassle; moving is bad enough without the problems you're having.

I do love the series but it has got stale. Glad my post made you smile, anyway!
Hehe, very good, it made me smile. I loved The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency when it was on TV and was disappointed there was to be no second season.
Thank you!

Unlike you, I was disappointed by the TV adaptation, which it seemed to me got the books *all wrong*. Too PC. I've read and loved most of the books and learned to love Botswana.
I haven't read the books so I had no comparisons to make :)
YES. Nailed it!
Hopefully the ladies can make this clear to McCall Smith. It must be so tedious to be the protagonists in a story that has gone stale.

In other news, happy birthday! :-)
Heh! They are lovely though, as is the whole idea.

Thank you very much!


I Agree!

This is very funny. I felt this a few books ago, but kept on reading in the hope of a revival. The sad thing is that the series would have become a classic if it had been kept to a short series with a definite story, rather than the soap opera it has become.

Re: I Agree!

Thanks! I seem to have missed the last few but I'm sure you're right.

I agree! I just loved the first books in this series. So original and so nice to read about good people and the small things in life.