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June 2019



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A good year for daffodils

Last year, many of my daffodils came up blind, which I couldn’t understand. This year there are hundreds of them out all over the garden and buds promising more. I don’t understand that, either and suppose it’s something to do with weather conditions. I’ve broken my golden rule of taking flower pictures in dull weather (always better) but you get the general idea of profusion, even though the photo shows only one small corner.

I’m so lucky that primroses grow like weeds here. Like the daffodils, they’re naturalised everywhere. Both daffodils and primroses look especially lovely when glowing palely at dusk. You can see that I'm not a tidy gardener. Who cares when you get effects like this? Note all the celandines which will soon be adding more yellow to the scene.


Beautiful! Thank you for posting!
Thank you! Not good photos but the garden does look pretty at this time of year.


Such a treat to see when I am looking out at fields of snow!
Happy to treat you! It's pretty cold, but no snow, thank goodness.


I love your garden. It's what a garden is supposed to be: full of surprises and plants happy enough to spread. I miss my gardens very much. We lived in a 300-year-old house in Massachusetts, so I had the almost literal fruits of many years of many gardeners. There were gorgeous old daffodils and tulips, even though I read tulips are short-lived, shrubs I had to look up to identify, huge old hostas, plus all the plants I added. Thanks for sharing your garden!

Re: Daffodils

Thank you so much! To me, this garden is nothing compared to my old one, which I'd toiled in for thirty years and had filled with treasures. Yours sounds wonderful.

I couldn't be doing with a garden which didn't have a few wild corners!

So pretty and Spring like.

Aren't they? Pouring with rain today, though, which spoils the effect.
Your daffodils are amazing and I'm so pleased they have given you a lovely display this year. Mine bloomed last year but barely any did this year. Isn't it strange? There's plenty around the town, though. Primroses are one of my favourite spring plants. I especially like to see them when I'm travelling by train and the embankments are often covered in them.
That *is* odd!

I love primroses and can never have too many of them.