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May 2019



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Rose Blight

Those pesky advertisements

I understand that if you look at this blog and you're not a member of Live Journal, you will be seeing advertisements. I can't see them, so I've no idea what they're like. I want to assure you that these ads are nothing to do with me but an unwanted innovation from LJ. I'm certainly not making any money from them!

I hope you will put up with the annoyance until I can move this blog elsewhere.


That has always been the case. It's also true of other blogging platforms like wordpress.com and blogger.
Really? My sister has been looking at my blog regularly and she only recently started seeing the advertisements. I don't see ads on wordpress or blogger but perhaps my system is blocking them.

LJ did say recently that it was somethig starting about now. Perhaps I've got it all wrong, which wouldn't surprise me.
It's possible that they've changed the settings for when and if people see them. But I think there have always been some on basic and plus(?) accounts. Not on paid accounts, if I remember rightly.
Not on paid accounts, if I remember rightly.

That will be it.



I can't remember seeing adverts on your blog in the past.

Re: Ads

And you do now?


Re: Ads

Thankfully I can't see ads on your blog and rarely see any on peoples blogs on blogspot and if they do intrude I stop reading that blog!

Re: Ads



I don't see any ads.

gwendraith :)
I'm pleased to hear it!
I can't see any ads on your blog. :)
Good. I think it may depend on whether or not people use ad blockers.
If you do move elsewhere, please make sure you let us know where.
Thank you, I certainly will.