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July 2019



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May Books

The Pursuit of Love, Nancy Mitford
Love in a Cold Climate, Nancy Mitford
The Blessing, Nancy Mitford
Don’t Tell Alfred, Nancy Mitford
The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books, Martin Edwards (still unfinished)
This Boy , Alan Johnson
Eleven Minutes Late. A Train Journey to the Soul of Britain , Matthew Engel
The Betrayal of Trust, Susan Hill
The New Mrs Clifton, Elizabeth Buchan

I didn’t read many books last month and I blame Martin Edwards. I’ve been plodding through his plodding book all month and still haven’t finished it. When you have a book on the go which you don’t want to pick up in any spare minute, it slows you down. I’ll have to review this later for NetGalley. Curses.

I don’t know what inspired me to re-read four Nancy Mitford novels on the trot but *shrieks* the bliss! By coincidence, a character in the Susan Hill novel I read in the same month ‘had been reading a book about the lives of women in oppressive regimes, but after a couple of pages set it aside and got a battered paperback of a favourite Nancy Mitford novel from the shelf. (Which one? Why not tell us?) Reading that was like eating porridge and cream, and slipped down in a similarly comforting way.’
I feel so much that way that I have three copies of The Pursuit of Love.

The Story of Classic Crime I’ve already dismissed. The other NetGalley book I read was The New Mrs Clifton. It’s set just after the Second World War and I gobbled it up in a day or two. I was holding back on reviewing this as, according to NetGalley, it's out in July but it's available on Amazon UK now, so review coming up soon.

The Betrayal of Trust turned out to be the sixth Simon Serrailler book. I found I’d already read the eighth, so I was filling in a gap. They are good books but with a fatal flaw for me: I just can’t like Simon.

I couldn’t count Mary Wakefield by Mazo de la Roche as a May book because I only finished it yesterday. I *wallowed* in it. The fourth book this month from my little market haul. How lucky, to pick up so much good reading in one go!



I always look forward to your monthly list to see if there's anything I know I will like. I have my reading list more in control since I sorted out all the books on my device and put them into collections. I have all unread books in a collection to see at a glance and I see from my annual lists that I read more books than I thought I did, although nowhere near your count :)


P.S. Even though I have English as my chosen language when on your LJ the captcha instruction is always in Russian. It annoys me!
Thank you! I think you'd like the Elizabeth Buchan.

Sorry about that and how weird! I never see it, of course.


I have that Martin Edwards book to pick up from the library van next week, - sounds a bit dull!
and I've ordered from the library The New Mrs Clifton although I've tried other Elizabeth Buchan and not got on with them.

Thank you for your reviews
The Martin Edwards book is not really one to read straight through. Like you, I'd not previously liked Elizabeth Buchan's books but I was gripped by the new one.

My pleasure!

I'm guessing you're Sue? I'm so sorry I can't comment on your blog, don't know what the problem is.
Somewhere in this house is a copy of 'Don't Tell Alfred', but I'm blowed if I can find it! I think I'll go and re-read all the Nancy Mitford I can find, though, after your post : )
It's that worm hole in space again.

Treat yourself!

I had thought about the Martin Edwards as a holiday book as I quite enjoyed his golden age of crime one but have reconsidered. Yay for Nancy - perfect comfort reading 😀

Just my opinion of course, but I think it's a bad book. Useful for reference but not one for reading pleasure as it's virtually a list of names.

She never fails me.


Can't beat a bit of Nancy Mitford! I re-read The Pursuit of Love and (my favourite) Love in a Cold Climate earlier this year. Must re-read Don't Tell Alfred to complete the trilogy. Nicola@vintagereads
I so agree!

I think Love in a Cold Climate is the better book but it's The Pursuit of Love I'd want on a desert island.