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May 2019



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Book hunting again

I set out this morning with a plan: drop off two bags of stuff at charity shops and find books to read. That’s right, give some away and get some more: typical. It teemed with rain just long enough to get me quite wet and then cleared up. Also typical, although I’m glad of the rain for the garden. So, what treats in store?

The Agatha Christies are the facsimile editions, in excellent condition. They came from the new Cats’ Protection League shop. A Tale of Two Families by Dodie Smith was also a charity shop find. Very nice condition and quite new to me.

I was less successful at the library than on my last visit. Murder in Piccadilly I now find I’ve already read. Those seductive BLCC covers. Speaking of covers, how many times have I thrilled to see a grey Persephone cover only to find that the book is just rotten old Miss Pettigrew *again*? It happened this morning. Pleased to find a Mrs Malory book I’m pretty sure I haven’t read, ditto a book by Douglas Coupland. The choice of Leaving Berlin is a good example of cover and subject matter drawing me to an author and book I’ve never heard of. (Yes, tell me Joseph Kanon is very famous; I daresay he is.) Take a photograph of a grim, snowy Berlin, add 1949, the CIA, ‘intrigue’ and ‘moral ambiguity’ (says the blurb) and I’m there.



find books to read

Well that little lot should last you a week before you need to go searching again :-)

Wee sister

Re: find books to read

Leaving Berlin sounds like one for me, too.
Yes! I'll let you know what it's like.


I don't know how you manage to remember what you've read and what you haven't given the amount of books you read :) The Berlin one does sound interesting.
Aha! My cunning plan is to keep a record :-)
Actually it's a problem ATM as I've had a new computer for about ten days and I'm having trouble finding some of the transferred files.

I hope the Berlin book lives up to my expectations. I love a spy thriller.
I enjoyed Tale of Two Families very much - hope you do too!
Oh good, that's a recommendation worth having. Thanks!


There are quite a few books there I would like to read. You seem to have better luck in the charity shops than I do!
Oh for the days when you could buy old books in charity shops! I often walk away empty handed, I assure you.


Think they re-issued some of the Hazel Holt with new titles - just to complicate things.
and the Persephone I spot with excitement and then then find I have is Dorothy Whipple-Someone at a Distance
Oh dear, I hope the one I've picked isn't one of those. I must have read almost all by now.

Someone at a Distance is so good but I've only seen it once (and bought it). Miss Pettigrew seems to be everywhere.



harhar--liked the " rotten miss pettigrew" comment.When i see second hand Persephones it is always DUFF COOPER"S BOOK.Must have seen 3 of them altogether.



Would that be Operation Heartbreak? I have an old hardback copy but have never seen a Persephone.



YES ITS OP.HEARTBREAK.does not appeal.