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Word of the day, 18th October: nappishness

nappishness (n.) sleepiness; a tendency to nap

My stop on the blog tour! Hop off the bus and read on.
Ever heard of nappishness? It first appeared in print in Hermann Melville’s Moby-Dick in 1851.
Moby-Dick is also credited with introducing a fairly niche set of words into the English language, including cetology, the study of whales, and plum-puddinger, naval slang for a voyage short enough to carry fresh fruit and other spoilable provisions. Among the more useful terms Moby-Dick introduced to the language, however, is nappishness - another word for sleepiness, or an inclination to nap.’
I like it! I also like naps and the book this quote is taken from.

A Yearbook of Forgotten Words
Publication date: 19 October 2017
£14.99 hardback/ebook Elliott & Thompson’

There’s an uncommon word for every day of the year. Did you know, for instance, that muggle, J K Rowling’s name for people without magical powers, is actually an old word for a fish’s tail (26 June)? Or that if you are equally clumsy with both hands (the opposite of ambidextrous), you are ambilaevus (3 September)? I’ve a mind to refer to this book constantly and bring out a mystifying word (on the given day), just to fox people.

From the publishers:
‘Paul Anthony Jones runs @HaggardHawks twitter feed, blog and YouTube channel, revealing daily word facts to 39,000 addicted followers, such as Jack Monroe, Rufus Sewell, Simon Blackwell, Robert Macfarlane, Sara Pascoe, Allegra Stratton and David Baddiel.’
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