callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Reader hopelessly in search of books

I wrote recently of my intention of borrowing more books from the library. I have just worked with two windows open: Dorset libraries and my Amazon wish list (which is really a list of books I would like to read). *Every single book* I wanted to borrow was either unavailable or would incur borrowing fees. I pay enormously high council tax on a small cottage. I absolutely refuse to pay extra to borrow a book which, if I lived in a city instead of in the sticks, would be easily accessed. This has left me fuming. I’d honestly rather *buy* a book than pay to borrow it. Now all you librarians out there can explain to me why it is essential that I pay two or three pounds to borrow a book when I already pay to support the library system. I shall remain unconvinced.
Tags: dorset, libraries

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