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May 2019



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Rose Blight

Christopher Bush & the madness of book prices

I sometimes mention the enterprising Dean Street Press, who kindly send me the occasional ebook for review. I got another one yesterday because they’re bringing out the next batch of crime novels by Christopher Bush. I browsed their titles on Amazon and found Murder at Fenwold, which I quite enjoyed, listed at £1,049.00! I thought it must be a mistake and checked it again today. The same price and there are two copies on eBay, even more expensive. Why? And is this another tulip mania of the book world, where people will buy and get their fingers burnt?


Good to hear DSP are doing some other crime reprints , I shall have to put in a book suggestion to the library.
Need to find out when the next Furrowed Middlebrow books will be available
I've never seen a hard copy anywhere but they must be about.

Furrowed Middlebrow is taking a blogging break, so no news on that front. Must be something up their sleeves :-)
Those high prices are sometimes part of a scam. You purchase it. Then they tell you they haven't actually got it and refund you all the money but not the p&p. Most people don't bother to claim and they keep the cash.
I wonder. Would Amazon take part in a scam like that? Hardly worth their while. I could believe it of some eBay sellers. I doubt very much that anyone will be forking out.
I sometimes see outrageously high prices on Amazon for items that other people are selling for a fiver. Surely no-one is daft enough to pay? If it's a rare object I could understand a high price but you never know these days as there's so many scams about.
What I can't understand is that it's the offical Amazon price, although it's available more cheaply elsewhere. I sometimes see ridiculous prices on eBay, but not that anyone pays them!

Murder at Fenwold

The price on Amazon UK is clearly an error. Book Depository have it for 9.31 and Amazon USA for $15.99. It's probably supposed to be 10.49.

Re: Murder at Fenwold

I reported it to Amazon, expecting them to change the price but nothing happened.

Re: Murder at Fenwold

Very inefficient of them. I'll question the price too and we can monitor how long it takes them to do something.