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May 2019



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Who's Queen?

How Terribly Strange To Be Seventy

I sometimes feel I’ve been waiting since 1968 to be able to say that, and now I can.

Austerity baby.

‘A Barrett Baby Study’

Another anniversary: I joined Live Journal twelve years ago tomorrow.


Oh! I joined LiveJournal fourteen years ago tomorrow. Happy birthday and anniversary.
Congratulations to you!

Thank you.
Happy birthday, B! Many happy returns :-)
Thank you very much!
Happy birthday, dear B and congratulations for tomorrow on your 12 years at LJ. Had I not deleted my LJ last year it would have been 15 years in January just gone. I can't believe I've been journalling for that long. I have it all saved, including DW, in LJBook form.
Thank you, and thanks for the flower!

I sometimes wonder if it's time to stop but as it's all saved, it's such a useful record.
Wishing you a Happy Birthday, and many happy blogging years ahead
Thank you so much!
Many happy returns (all round)!
You're very kind, thank you!
Gorgeous baby!

And Happy Birthday! I did mean to get something in the post but have been rather laid up chez Debodacious the last couple of days. Sending happy wishes nevertheless xx
Ha ha, aren't they all?

Many thanks!
Happy birthday! Many congratulations. I hope that spring is springing and bringing you lovely flowers!
Thank you! Flowers definitely on the way.
Hope you had a happy day. Many happy returns all round!
Gosh, but LJ is behaving in a very flakey way today!
What LJ is doing now is putting replies in the wrong order, but that's the norm.
Thank you!
Many happy returns!
Thank you very much!

Happy belated birthday.

Thank you!
A belated happy birthday and anniversary to you.
Thank you!


And me, tomorrow. I do love those words and that song. Belated happy day to you, my blogging friend.
Thank you so much! We must have been blogging friends for ages, now.
Many happy returns of the day!
Oh, I'm sorry I missed this. Belated birthday greetings. I hope you had a great day.
Thank you!