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October 2019



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At the market

I haven’t been to the market for ages, due partly to bad weather and partly to the number of failed missions in which I came home with nothing. It was both foggy and frosty this morning and very cold at the market, yet there were plenty of buyers and sellers. I picked up two books very cheaply:

Jenny Colgan is always a pleasant, light read and I really like Sue Gee. I’m already enjoying Reading in Bed. My major purchase was a large box of ephemera: one person’s rubbish, hidden treasure for another. Gosh, what a lot of stuff (like I need more stuff!) and it weighs a ton. Lots of old greetings cards, which I now collect if I can get them cheaply, stamps and covers, old photographs and signed photos of film stars, postcards, travel souvenirs and some interesting wartime stuff e.g. letters which have been passed by the censor. I had a happy time looking through it all and there’s still plenty of sorting to do. A successful outing, except that my legs and feet still haven’t defrosted.

And there’s more!


Thank you for posting this.
A good market depends on a good "hinterland" or maybe just finding the right market.
I like Golden Age postcards (1900-1920) in many ways they were the tweets of their day. And sometimes it feels voyeuristic to read them.
So many family photographs of once loved fathers, mothers, sons etc end up on market stalls. Very sad especially in the case of wartime pics.
It's always interesting to find a Christmas card posted on 24th December in the late 19th/early 20th century!

I buy old photos if they're cheap enough and I agree with you that it's rather sad there's no one left to care and they end up in the hands of strangers.