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July 2019



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TV watch: Detectorists

Detectorists completely passed me by when it first appeared on television and I've been catching up on Netflix. I love its gentle humour, the sweet characters and this theme tune, which we don't hear enough of, IMO.


I saw half of series one and stopped watching for some reason, I don't know why as I like Toby Jones in everything he does. The theme tune is nice :)
Perhaps I like it because it's so understated and the characters are eccentric but believable. 'See University Challenge last night?' That's the way people really talk.
Hehe, I may finish watching it. There seems to be a wealth of good stuff to watch and it's hard to choose these days.


I absolutely love this show. I bought the song, and also an album by him. Wonderful.
I hadn't heard of Johnny Flynn before this song but I love it. I think the show is becoming something of a cult thing.

Our favourite series ever, I think, for all the reasons that you give :)
So glad we agree. Happy Birthday!
Thank you - and for your lovely card!

I had a lovely day (weekend)!
What a shame you missed it earlier! I am so happy the third series is being repeated on BBC2, because I can't receive BBC4 and I love Detectorists.

Did you see the first episode of the third series, with the beautiful song (Magpie) by The Unthanks? It also had a longer version of Flynn's song.
A shame but it's such a pleasure to catch up with it.

Yes, I watched that episode yesterday and loved the song. I'm series recording this as it goes out as I never remember when it's on!
We loved it too. I also liked Mum which was another gentle comedy although not as good as The detectorists.
Oh, I've missed Mum. Now loving the current series of Detectorists. Quite a fan base here!


Oh yes the Detectorists is wonderful. Johnny Flynn is a great actor as well as being a talented singer. Very handsome, too! Nicola@vintagereads
I can't think how I missed it at first. I lked the first episode of series three so much I watched it twice. I just love the Magpie song and the swift movement through history linking the past with our heroes.

I've obviously missed out by not knowing who the handsome Johnny Flynn was. I'll be looking out for him :-)