callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

In the garden: May at last

It’s rather grey and miserable today but the garden, about a month behind, is catching up.

Roses and clematis on gable end of house.

Clematis on the fence.

My favourite astrantia

Some of the many pots in the greenhouse waiting to go outside.

A greenery yallery corner.

There’s lots more flowers, hurrah. Even the foxgloves are coming into flower, although they’ll be shorter than usual this year. The other day, my outside table fell to pieces, oops. I’ve bought a little bistro set to replace it. I’m afraid it’s not very rustic, which is obviously the look I prefer but has the great advantage of being light and therefore easy for me to move about and put away.

In other news: RABBIT. Damn thing has eaten all my campanulas and phlox. I was chasing it round the garden at dusk yesterday evening but there was nothing to stop it coming back.
Tags: garden, wildlife

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