callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

We’re going on a Book Hunt

It’s Folk Festival weekend here, which means a large charity fair, always with a huge bookstall. After parking, we were just about to make our way to the Minster Green when we were ambushed by the CAB, who were having a book sale on the pavement. So we bought some books. Then we made our way through the merry throng of folk dancers and spectators and bought some more. We both did quite well and, as so often happens, huskyteer found me a treasure. I got these

What a lovely cover on the Bryson. And more

My best buy was the book huskyteer found.: Gardener’s Nightcap by Muriel Stuart. I already have the Persephone edition (another bargain, as I found it in a charity shop) but this is a first in a slightly ragged dustwrapper, which of course I prefer. I’ve since found that it’s a very scarce book. It was a really lucky find as book sales are like charity shops nowadays: no old books. In all, I spent less than £10.00, so I was pleased with my haul and can’t complain of having ‘nothing to read’.

Tags: book hunting, muriel stuart, wimborne folk festival

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