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July 2019



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At the Market

At eight o’clock at the market it was already very warm. I’m not looking forward to hotter weather next week and a continued drought.

There was a chap there this morning with a table loaded with orange Penguins, green crime Penguins, white circle crime and other good things. They were a pound each so I only bought these few. He told me he has 5,000 to get rid of! I’m pretty annoyed with him because I didn’t notice until I got home that Anna and her Daughters is not complete. Grr.

These are for huskyteer if she wants them.

I never pass up the chance to buy a John and Mary book because you hardly ever see them. I have a complete set but the one I bought today is a 1st and the jacketed one I already have is a reprint. Purist that I am, I’ll have to keep the first as well. Elsewhere, a seller had a box of modern books. They were of no interest to me but a chap was scanning the barcodes on his phone, presumably to see what he could get for them from Ziffit or a similar outfit. Blimey, the world of the boot sale is changing.


Why am I not surprised there was a bloke scanning barcodes at a boot sale? Online secondhand sales are huge these days and technology makes it so easy for those who do it as a business. I sometimes feel the world is changing too quickly for my liking.
It was the first time I'd seen such a thing! I thought it rather blatant in front of the seller, who was probably asking very little for the books.
What a shame about the O Douglas - how much is missing?
It's D E Stevenson. I've read the book, used to have a hardback and think it's one you can now get for Kindle? But, I would have added it to my paperback collection. It's hard to tell just how many pages have gone, but too many to make it worth reading. Caveat emptor.
Yes please!! (I think I have double-figures editions of Casino Royale now.)
Perhaps I should read them.
They won't take long! Moonraker is my absolute favourite and full of lovely descriptions of Kent.

Edited at 2018-06-25 06:43 am (UTC)
As good as H E Bates? I'll give it a go, though, since you rate it so highly.
Due, I think, to chocolate-biscuit-based confusion at a very early age I am unable to think of green-jacket Penguins as anything other than Peppermint Penguins.