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Nancy, Evelyn, Nancy & a slobbering dog

Yesterday I had the nerve to go to a book sale without reporting what I bought. Tsk, I will not be so remiss today but will spare you the list of all the books I bought at the market this morning. Best buys were US editions in Fine/Fine condition of The Letters of Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh and Selina Hastings' biography of Waugh, for fifty pence each. What a treat in store. The other Nancy? Ten Swallows and Amazons Puffin paperbacks. Plus a lot more; I thought it would be busy down there on such a bright morning.

I also bought a framed print of this Pears picture, which is called The Reading Lesson.

huskyteer immediately pointed out that I must be aware it was totally revolting, that the wallpaper was the stuff of nightmares and that the book would be covered in slobber. Never mind, I think it will go very well in the book room with Mrs Walton and all my other sentimental Victorian books.
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