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May 2019



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Autumn leaves

In the garden: autumn magic

I’ve been out in the freezing cold (frost!) this morning taking photographs and still the light wasn’t quite right. Here are Sedums colouring up nicely.

Because of the earlier drought, the garden actually looks better now than it has done all summer. This bed is full of mauves and acid greens/yellows, a combination I like. The colour is too washed out in the (edited and changed) pic. The tall plants are Verbena bonariensis, totally drought-proof and seeded everywhere.

I’m particularly pleased with this aster because it cost next to nothing at the nursery sale. (Again, too pale; it should look violet.) I’ve no idea why they were selling them off so cheaply as they were big plants and nothing wrong with them.

After doing nothing all summer, Fuchsias are now dripping with colour. This is Fuchsia 'Genii' and you can see that the leaves have suffered.

Here’s a Bergenia which, unusually, flowers in autumn. It’s called ‘Autumn Magic’ and is a very good doer. There are cyclamen in the same bed but they’re impossible to photograph.

Lovely, airy Gaura.

Some pots are still going. In this one, a new Begonia called Citrus-something.

And, ready for next year:
babies in the greenhouse

and pots of spring bulbs.

It’s a pity the photos aren’t better but I’m having to use my iPad. What a lovely time of year.
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How beautiful your garden looks, it is indeed a beautiful time of the year :) The Begonia is lovely as are the Sedums. I was surprised to wake up this morning to find the bedroom window with heavy condensation which needed cleaning off, a sure sign it was cold outside last night. The weather during the day has been glorious this week, sunny and warm, just right for me :)
Thank you. I just wish I could do the flowers justice with my photos! We've had lovely weather, too, although not warm.
A very picturesque garden.
Thank you!
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My garden is also looking better than it has all summer, and it's so nice to have sunshine to enjoy it in.
Thank you.

Good! This weather is perfect.
Frost already! Goodness that's early. Your garden looks so colourful. It's still very dry here so nothing has recovered very well.
Sue at the cottage at the end of a lane
Yes, fourth time this week (colder in Dorset than in Scotland!) and my thermostat has decided the heating won't come on until it's switched to 80 :-( Getting that fixed next week, I hope.

It's amazing the difference a couple of days' rain made. Everything woke up and started to grow.