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October 2018



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Rose Blight

Today I am very annoyed about …

…the BBC’s insistence that you sign in to listen to the iPlayer. This morning, I particularly want to hear Mike Brearley’s views on Eoin Morgan’s captaincy (link on the BBC's cricket page) but I can’t because I will not sign in. Some friends and I were discussing this issue the other day and one person said that she and her husband invented names and facts about themselves to register. And why not? I can see no reason at all why the BBC should know my date of birth and other personal information. Isn’t it bad enough that Google, Apple, Amazon and other giants already know all about you? At the moment I still have the option on the TV iPlayer to ‘continue without signing in’ but who knows how long that will last? I think it’s a monstrous invasion of privacy.


I registered years ago, a requirement for free online voting on some show or other. I don't think I've ever had to give them anything other than an email address and name. I hadn't thought about if anyone else was using iplayer without signing in as it just plays for me (obviously because I've always been registered).
I think they must have changed the requirements.
Every site will be taking our mugshots and fingerprints before we know it ;)
I completely agree. Eventually, when I had no choice, I used Andrew's login because he doesn't mind.

I refused to agree to the cookies, however, so I have to sign in Every Single Time, despite their assurance that they will keep me signed in.

I am really fed up of being dictated to by everyone!
Exactly how I feel.


Agreed. A new-to-my-area supermarket has an application to get their "savings card" which requires not only the usual address info, but also requires your date of birth and your driver's license number. Needless to say, they won't be getting my business. Fed up with encroaching demands for my data.
Driver's licence? That's outrageous! Like you, I'd do without the card rather than give away that sort of detail.