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May 2019



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Cheering up a wet Saturday or, not going to the market

What fearsome weather! Gales, lashing rain, lights on all day. This morning I went to a charities’ fair, where I got the kinds of bargains I might get at the market. The hall was heaving and very festive and cheerful. Many local charities had stalls (the hospital, the youth club, PRAMA) as well as mainstream charities like The Cats’ Protection League and the Lifeboats. You couldn’t move for Christmas cards, hampers of Christmas food for raffling and potential gifts new and used. I was knocked out by the amazing patchwork items which had been made for the hospital stall; incredibly good work. I bought a few cheap goodies plus some more expensive (and new) things for presents.

Books, of course. I was very restrained, I think. The Carola Dunn is one of her Cornish Mysteries, which I like. I love this cover for The Thirty-Nine Steps and as I no longer have a copy, I snapped it up.

It might be nice, in the depths of winter, to watch David Gower batting on a summer’s day long ago, which is why I bought the DVD box of great cricketing moments. Anyone not love Porridge?

Hoping these will help me get in the right mood at the right time. The ‘best ever’ CD has everything on it from Slade to Eartha Kitt.

I never seem to have enough mugs and this one is rather nice. A robin is not just for Christmas!

Finally, a giant jigsaw. I’m not very good at them but it’s quite fun to have one on the go over Christmas. There, just like one of my market posts; lots of bargains.


Oh my, the rain was torrential here and the gutters overflowing!

I love this post and this sort of local event. The cathedral gift fair is in a couple of weeks and is also always heaving with people and many fine stalls. I like your purchases very much and might well have bought some of them myself. Mugs you say? I am clearing out cupboards and will be doing my mugs one next. I have so many I never use and I have no space for any more!
We've had more today, although it's been mostly sunny. Good job it stayed dry for all the services this morning.

That's why I write these posts; I love to read about other people's buys myself. I like going to these events because I always see people I know.

Edited at 2018-11-11 02:50 pm (UTC)
Hmmm, which Slade song would that be, now let me guess... ;-)

How much pieces is the jigsaw puzzle?

Great haul!
(Still think it's a great shame that there never was a Life on Mars Christmas special, with Merry Christmas Everybody being released for the first time in 1973.)
Great idea! You're right about Slade on the CD, of course. It's weird that I've come to think it a really great song, although back in 1973 (oops, what a giveaway), I didn't like Slade at all.

1,000 pieces in the jigsaw and it cost me £1.00. Whether I'll complete it remains to be seen.