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June 2019



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woman's magazine

A treat for January

If you follow Scott’s blog, you will know already that in January, Dean Street Press are to publish more Furrowed Middlebrow books. Fans of D E Stevenson will be delighted that her ‘Mrs Tim’ books are among them. I’ve read several of these already and am slightly ambivalent about them, finding Mrs Tim rather a snob. I’ve been sent an e-book of Mrs Tim Carries On, which I haven’t read and look forward to because it’s about wartime.

The other book now on my iPad is Alice by Elizabeth Eliot, an author I’d not previously heard of. Reports later but I may be saving these for a cosy Christmas read.


I was pleased to hear of more of Scotts book choices being reprinted. Haven't read any Mrs Tim but they have sent me an online version of one of them too. I was hoping for a paper version! as I don't like reading online but as my Mum would have said "beggars can't be choosers"!
Sue at the cottage at the end of the lane
Yes, 'real' books would be nice but then there's the space-for-more-books problem!

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Always a good idea to get a Christmas list going whether for books or films. I have a good film list and two books I often re-read is 'A Christmas Carol' and 'Letters from Father Christmas'.
Enjoy your Christmas reads B.
I read A Christmas Carol every year and some other favourites. Miss Read has some good Christmas stories. My Christmas DVDs and CDs have their own boxes.
I took dozens of DVDs to the charity shop but I kept a basketful of the Christmas ones, I could never part with those and my CD Christmas music collection is vast although I tend to use Prime music now as there's so much on there :)
I'm glad someone else is ambivalent about Mrs Tim, she is my least favourite of the excellent WW2 women. I much prefer Camilla in Bewildering Cares.
Oh, I loved Bewildering Cares!


Mrs. Tim

I do love Mrs. Tim and hope she grows on you!

Re: Mrs. Tim

I hope so, too!


Re: Mrs. Tim

I have MRS MARTELL and ALICE by Eliot.I told Scott that they existed.
Do i have to read Mrs Tim as i did not like the first one ?


Re: Mrs. Tim

Well done, I've never seen a book by Elizabeth Eliot before.

Up to you! I'm giving it a go because of the wartime setting. No doubt Mrs Tim will turn out to be one of the middle class housewives of Britain bravely coping with rations and shortages. I'll have to find out.


Re: Mrs. Tim

i agree MRS TIM CARRIES ON sounds the best of the bunch.Lucky i read quickly.