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August 2019



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Brightening gloomy days

I potted up this amaryllis a few days after Christmas and voilà, in about six weeks it’s grown and produced three lovely flowers (should be four). It never ceases to amaze me that such a big plant grows so quickly from a knobbly brown lump.

I’m posting this in a brief interval when my broadband is working. It was on the blink all day yesterday and this morning, had disappeared altogether and my landline phones don’t work. I spent over half an hour with BT on my mobile and was eventually told that ‘the fault is outside your property’ which at least means I won’t have to pay to get it fixed. But it may take two to three days! This is very miserable. Pouring with rain, too:-(


Your amaryllis is beautiful. It certainly brightens up this gloomy day (raining here, too). What a pain having Internet problems, I hope it's fixed sooner rather than later. Things always seem to happen on a weekend!
Thank you; it really does cheer me up.

The hub is working again but goodness knows when I'll get my phone back.
What a beauty! Hope it gets fixed quicker than expected! Dxx
Thank you!

It’s beautiful. I love the explosion of colour from such a dry dusty bulb but yours is spectacular.

Thank you! There's another stem with four flower buds, so more to look forward to.
Happy birthday, B!

Hopefully the weather and the broadband/phone situation have improved in the meantime, and you're having a lovely day :-)
Thank you so much!

The phone/broadband problems were finally (I hope), sorted yesterday evening. Phew! Beautiful weather for my birthday, too! There are even daffodil buds and a crocus in what passes for the lawn. Things are looking up.
I'm glad you had flowers to enjoy on your birthday and that the broadband is fixed!
Thank you!
Happy belated birthday!
What a beautiful amaryllis- one of my favorites.
Thank you!


Lovely. You can't beat an amaryllis for a bit of exoticism at this time of year. Mine was a pale shade of pink and had three huge flowers. Nicola@vintagereads
Amazing, aren't they? The second stem had the correct four flowers! I was really pleased.