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And waste its sweetness? Not here.

The garden is so full of sweet smells at the moment. It's partly indefinable, a whiff that suddenly says 'Spring!' and partly down to particular plants.

These bluebells under an apple tree are mostly the Spanish type. I'd love to have only proper English ones but the others are very hard to get rid of. Here's some more plants which smell good:

I know this skimmia is a special kind which I went to some trouble to get hold of but now I can't remember which one it is. It makes quite a large shrub, but slowly, and its little white flowers smell lovely, as do those of

Choisya ternata, also known as Mexican Orange Blossom. This is a super shrub and will flower again in the autumn. The best smell of all comes from wallflowers. When I started the journal last year I hoped it would keep me up to the mark in the garden. Sure enough, as I promised myself, I did sow my own wallflowers again and here is my favourite 'Blood Red'.

I've missed out Euphorbia mellifera which is now in full flower and smelling, as you'd expect, of honey. Aaaah!
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