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Late reviews part two

I was pleased to be pre-approved to read this book by the publishers and NetGalley, because I’d previously enjoyed a couple of Catherine Alliott’s books , especially My Husband Next Door.
The title tells you what to expect: a lovely Cornish summer holiday. Not quite so lovely for divorced Flora, as she’s never got over losing her husband and he turns up with his second wife. Poor Flora can’t even hate the new wife, as she’s really nice and tries very hard to be friends. I say, ‘poor Flora’ but really, she’s been wasting her life and it’s time she moved on. She’s only able to do so when there are some surprising revelations about her ex and his marriage.

I found this book disappointing; rather padded out and less funny than the others I’d read. It’s still a pleasant read and the complicated family relationships (ghastly mother-in-law, how the children cope), make it interesting. It will be published on 13th June.
Tags: catherine alliott, romantic novels

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