callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

New glasses again

You wouldn't read about it. I'd already written a scathing review for the opticians. Today I had a request for another one. Having written it, I was asked to verify it by giving my Instagram username. I am not on Instagram. After ticking a few more boxes I was told my review was published. Returning to my mail box I found another email, asking me to verify my review by giving the account number or other information which I certainly could not be bothered to find, so I gave up.

I am really sick of being expected to review every single thing I buy just so the vendors can add to their Trustpilot points. Now I have to delete a lot of requests for reviews. Perhaps the most annoying requests are from 'Amazon merchants'. I usually only review something I buy on Amazon if it's very good or very bad. Now, another innovation, I get requests for feedback from these sellers *even if I've reviewed the item on Amazon*. I won't. Shopping used to be so simple *sighs*.
Tags: health matters, shopping online

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