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BBC Beatles

I’m very grumpy with the BBC today after finding that two of my favourite programmes, Only Connect and University Challenge, have been banished from this evening’s TV schedule in favour of athletics. They really couldn’t care less about their viewers, it seems to me. On the other hand, they do give us some treats. Over the weekend, I caught just some of Radio 2 Beatles, a pop-up radio station celebrating fifty years since the Abbey Road album came out. The only programme I heard almost all the way through was the BBC Top 60 Digital Chart, which you can find here. Nice to see George Harrison at #1.

What a back catalogue! And that’s only sixty out of many more. Anyone knows what a huge Bob Dylan fan I am but Bob has been writing songs for about sixty years and the Beatles were only together for a short time. It really was an astonishing creative outburst. I’m an unashamed lover of early Beatles over later, no matter how innovative and good the songs are. Since this chart is based on digital downloads, it’s naturally biased. Some of my favourites are missing, like You Won’t See Me. What faves would you add to the list?
Tags: beatles, radio, television

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