callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Excuse the mess, I’ve had the tree surgeons in

Two vans and a wood chipper would fill my drive, so I had to park my car at the pub at 7.30 am, when it was still dark and pouring with rain. The chaps should have come three weeks ago but cancelled because of the bad weather forecast. Hah! They miscalculated there. The rain hammered down all day and I’ve seldom seen wetter workers. Disappointingly, they couldn’t do everything that was planned in the time, nor could they clear up properly, so the garden looks a mess. The hedges and some digging out of rubbish will have to wait for a dry day. I won’t bore you with everything they did but the garden is now much lighter, front and back (it wraps around the house).

I wanted my view back and here’s just one part of it ‘before’:

Today, the weather is even worse; not just pouring with rain but very windy, too. The view is much improved and will be better once the massive Berberis has been pruned and the bamboo dealt with. That bamboo! It’s much taller than my gardener and I expected and now it’s no longer supported by the hazel, it’s free to sway around madly. I hate it and can’t understand why anyone would plant bamboo in a country garden.

Note for the young. The header is an adapted Goon Show joke.
Tags: garden, view

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