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The Oh No, Show

I love The Now Show. Punt, Dennis and Benn are brilliant. I love the running gags: 'I can see, I can see perfectly.' 'Come on, Tim!' For me, it's unmissable. But. Every week they give a slot to Marcus Brigstocke, who is fast going down the Jeremy Hardy slope to boringness. Brigstocke created the Giles Wemmbley-Hogg series, which I found both funny and, at times, affecting: Giles is awful but there is a touching innocence about him which gave the programmes depth. On TNS, though, Brigstocke seems to lose his sense of humour. This evening's little talk, on racism, was so unfunny, so full of soft targets, bad history and political naiveties that I began to wonder if perhaps the poor boy isn't really very bright. Goodness how sad.

I am really looking forward to HIGNFY this evening!
Tags: hignfy, marcus brigstocke, radio4, the now show

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