callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

At last! My view is back.

You may recall that a month ago the pruning job in the garden was left unfinished and that I lived with a terrible mess and a frightening amount of bamboo thrashing about in the strong winds. Yesterday was bright and sunny, although with a bitterly cold wind. My gardener turned up with a trailer and ‘Adam who helps me with big jobs’. They set to and have performed wonders. I’m especially pleased with the way the berberis has been pruned into exactly the shape I wanted. Now, when I look out of the windows, I see pretty much what I saw when I moved in; what estate agents are pleased to call ‘an open aspect’.
The photo above was taken at sunrise.

None of this was visible this time yesterday. I do like things trim and ready for winter.
Tags: garden, view, weather

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