callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

‘Congratulations, you have reached your reading goal’

I have a new iPad, necessary because the old one had become so slow and wouldn’t support many of the apps I wanted. I’d hardly had it two days when it informed me that it would install new software so I left it overnight to cook. Since then, strange things have happened to iBooks. This is where I read the e-books I get sent by Dean Street Press.

When I first went back to the book I’d been reading, the message above appeared at the top of the page. A little later, I was congratulated on reading ‘two days running’. This morning, I’d read just a few pages when I was congratulated again on achieving my goals.

I do not have reading goals! I read not just two days in a row but every day. I do not need some bossy little machine commenting on my reading habits. What will it say when I don’t read on the iPad for a week or two: ‘Tsk, you’re not keeping up’? I’m wondering if there’s some way to disable this unwanted function but I’m not prepared to waste time on finding out.
Tags: reading, technology

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