callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

The jumble sale that wasn’t

In town the other day, I was quite excited to see a large poster advertising ‘a good old fashioned (sic) jumble sale!’ at the community centre. No date or time was given so I looked it up online and found that it was actually a table-top sale, £10.00 a table. I doubted people would be giving things away after paying that much to sell, but I went down there this morning anyway. There wasn’t much for me. I bought a Ruth Galloway book (which I now find I’ve read), a DVD of Smiley’s People and what may turn out to be the best buy (I haven’t been through it yet), a large bag of ribbons and other haberdashery items. Total outlay (minus parking): £2.00.

Not a great shop but it got me out, it wasn’t raining, for once, and everyone there, buyers and sellers alike, was friendly and chatty. There were crocus flowers on the grass bank and daffodils in flower in two of the beds outside the hall. That’s early! Back home, daffodil flowers are a long way off but my pink double-flowered hellebore is flowering and, as it was dry, I went straight indoors for the secateurs and cut off all the leaves. I noticed that brave little pulmonarias have started flowering all over the garden. They grow like weeds but are a welcome sight at this time of the year.
Tags: book hunting, garden

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