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How the arts was done

Looking at Scott Pack's blog this morning reminded me that tomorrow evening there will be another performance by The National Theatre of Brent on R4 at 6.30. I remember when they first appeared on the screen with their version of The Messiah and later with a history of the French Revolution. Both were very funny and strangely moving; not surprising as the theatre consisted of two very fine actors, Patrick Barlow and Jim Broadbent. Broadbent has moved on but Barlow, or Desmond 'Olivier' Dingle, as he is known, still revives the theatre from time to time. I love Patrick Barlow and wish we saw more of him. There was a wonderful cameo as Miranda Richardson's husband in Absolutely Fabulous and what was that series called, about a solicitors' office, where he was in love with Imelda Staunton? Can't remember the name but loved it.

This current radio series has strong overtones of Pete and Dud (bullying) and also Morecombe and Wise. I felt I was listening to 'the play what I wrote' when they had Harriet Walter in the straight role, complaining about her lines. I could see Glenda Jackson swaying about as Cleopatra. Gosh, remember when she was an actress?

More about the history of the theatre here.
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