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In the garden: what’s out?

The snowdrops are completely over. This morning, I transplanted a clump to what I hope will be a happy new home amongst the hellebores. There are more daffodils out every day and primroses everywhere. Celandines (above) are the real harbingers of spring for me. (The link is to a post about celandines from my previous garden.) Glowing gold at the base of roadside hedges, they are wild flowers. In the garden, they’re a weed but unless they’re threatening to take over a bed, I let them be. The one shown here is where it can do no harm and will disappear completely in the summer. There are others in some of the wilder parts of the garden, in less sunny spots, where they have yet to flower.

I love, love, love euphorbias and this is a really good one: Euphorbia characias ‘Blue Glacier’. Variegated plants can be miffy but this one has come through two winters now and seems pretty tough. Early flowering compared with the others, too. This plant was a great bargain, bought at the nursery sale. Why is it that full-price plants so often die on me while my bargains flourish? I have a good cutting from it, as a precaution.

I wouldn’t waste garden space on a skimmia unless I had an old-fashioned shrubbery (wouldn’t it be nice?). In a pot, this one is a delight. The dark pink buds are on the plant all winter and just about now they start to open white, so that for a while you get a nice mixed effect. Another bargain. This plant was being sold off half price, complete with terracotta pot. When It’s finished flowering, I’ll be moving it to a bigger pot. I think this one is Skimmia japonica 'Rubella'.

It would be a beautiful spring day today if it weren’t for the bitter wind.
I wish the photos were better but I’m having to use my iPad. I find it good for indoor shots, much less good for anything outdoors, especially the plant close-ups I want.

Edit. Please let me know if pics don't appear. It's all the fault of whatever powers reverted my LJ post to my Dreamwidth one.
Tags: garden, spring

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