callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

TV watch: The Test

I’ve started watching The Test on Amazon Prime. It’s about the reconstruction of the Australian cricket team after the ball tampering scandal. I imagined it was a single documentary but no, it’s a series. The first episode is rather fun for an England fan, as the English team whack the Australians all over the ground and win the ODI series 5-0. Time for more regrouping or, as they kept saying, ‘the process’. I never did work out what on earth this process was supposed to be and it seemed a meaningless buzzword to me.

We move on in the second episode to the Test series against Pakistan, which was played in the UAE because of security issues in Pakistan. This was dismal to watch because the stadium was almost empty. What is the point? The atmosphere at Edgbaston or the WACA is part of the match.

That’s as far as I’ve got. If you like cricket, it’s worth watching (and may be your only chance of watching any cricket this summer) but give it a miss if a lot of swearing offends you. New head coach Justin Langer is the culprit.
Tags: cricket, television

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