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Edward Petherbridge

I’ve been doing a lot of re-reading lately, of books I know I will enjoy. I read Gaudy Night and Busman’s Honeymoon in quick succession, then decided that, in these difficult times, it would be worth paying a lot for the scarce DVDs of the 1987 Dorothy L Sayers television series. I’m currently watching Strong Poison, in my view the best of the three series they made because there is so much more Peter in it than Harriet. Edward Petherbridge was so perfect as Lord Peter Wimsey that I started looking for more about him and found this one minute gem on YouTube. Have I ever mentioned that I saw him in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern at the National Theatre in the sixties? I’ve probably bored you rigid by boasting about this in the past. The DVDs, BTW, are worth every penny (to me).

In other news: this is one of the best times of year for my garden, which is full of daffodils and primroses. So it’s a pity that, in the first dry spell we’ve had for ages, it’s too cold and windy for me to go outside and garden. While I was having coffee, I saw two enormous crows strutting about. Horrid things. They were looking for bamboo leaves to carry away but, ha ha! the bamboo has been cut down and good riddance.
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    In later years, they ended all their gigs with this song. 'As if one person had two voices'.

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    A snowy garden this morning. I wasn’t expecting that; my weather app didn’t predict it. The horses don't seem to mind it.

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