callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

‘The world needs books more than ever right now’

My header is taken from the email I had from Dean Street Press when they kindly sent me two new e-books to read. On 4th May, Dean Street will publish a further ten detective novels by Christopher Bush, to add to the forty already in print. I’ve read one: The Case of the Flowery Corpse.

Ludovic Travers is staying with a friend in a quiet Suffolk village when a puzzling murder is committed, followed by two more. Because of his experience, the police are glad to have Travers’ help in solving this knotty problem. We have here not only a period piece (it was published in 1956) but a portrait of what has suddenly become a vanished Eden, a world of pub lunches, bridge evenings, games of golf and convivial drinking.

I found it strangely soothing to read about daily life when all the characters had to worry about was a few murders :-) I predict an increase in reading of golden age detective stories, which are a good form of escapism. At the moment, several books written by Patricia Wentworth and published by Dean Street are free for the Kindle on Amazon.

Tags: crime fiction

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